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Homeopathy is the youngest of all medical faculties. It is modern not only by virtue of being young, but by the revolutionary medical philosophy that supports it. .

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Homeopathy came to India as early as 1810 when some German physicians and missionaries came to Bengal and started distributing homoeopathic remedies. Dr. John Martin Honigberger was the first person who is recognised to have brought homeopathy and the name of Hahnemann to India

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New Patients: You can submit request in one of following ways (Please provide as much detail information about patient as possible, for accurate diagnosis):

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2 Download "New Patient Form" (Word document) here , fill it up and email it to

Note: We ship medicine anywhere within India. If you would like us to ship them, please mention it in the form/email along with shipping address.

Similia Homeopathic Clinic!

Welcome! Dr. Jayshree Mahajan specializes in giving care to people suffering from gastric troubles, respiratory diseases, spinal complaints, skin disorders, sleep problems, female/male sexual troubles and other illnesses for which the conventional medicine does not offer a permanent or non-toxic cure. She has degree in Homoeopathy from Pune, India. She has written various articles in newspapers on different subjects in Homoeopathy and has delivered lectures on Homoeopathy at various forums. She has conducted many medical check-up camps for various organizations including Rotary Club and Lions Club. She has also attended various academic conferences


Homeopathy is found to be very effective in treatment of various allergies, skin disorders and other chronic diseases as homeopathy involves stimulating the immune system and utilizing body’s own natural healing process. Not only homeopathy avoids harmful side effects of conventional medicine the relief from homeopathic remedies is also more permanent and long lasting.